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Our officers are: Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

Current committee members are:

Ian Click

George Collings

Reg Hinton

Jo Maxwell

Stuart Micklewright

Gordon Pargeter

Lee Rodgers

Wendie Middleton (coopted)

David Young (Church Representative)


the director of the next/current production

  • Chairman
  • Reg Hinton
  • Secretary
  • Ian Click
  • Treasurer
  • Gordon Pargeter
  • Tickets
  • Helen Click
  • Costumes
  • Wendie Middleton
  • Publicity
  • George Collings (Facebook contact)
  • Ian Click
  • Membership Secretary
  • Allyson Wilkinson


    Heather Lindsay has resigned as a Committee member because of her other commitments. Many thanks to her for all her hard work for the Players, in acting, directing, and set design and painting as well as all her work as a Committee member.

e-mail us:

It is the policy of the Nunthorpe Players not to publish private addresses, telephone numbers or e-mail addresses on this web site. Any member with a genuine need for these details should contact the secretary via the Players' email.






Updated 10 April 2014

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